Home of the chunky brittle

Once upon a time, people from all over the world were buying their wax melts as brittle. The problem was that it was so thin and crisp and, well, it was brittle, that it didn't last very long at all. After being this way for so long, it had come to be what everybody expected. The people never questioned it, and they kept buying. The powers that made this skinny brittle never considered if they could be doing better. After all, why would they? They knew that the sooner the brittle was of no more use, the sooner the people would be back to spend their hard-earned money on more. Then one day, a young lady by the name of Chloe came to the people of the world and told them they deserved more. She told them of a place where the brittle was never thin, and it lasted for ages. The place was the Land of Melted Hearts, her home, and the birthplace of chunky brittle. At first, they didn't trust her. She told the people that she would bring them the chunky brittle to behold for themselves, but it was as if they were under a spell that kept them from believing things could be better. When Chloe returned with the slabs of chunky brittle, the people saw with their own eyes the undeniable, colourful truth, and their hearts melted away in bliss. Seeing the happiness that the chunky brittle brought to the people of the world, Chloe made a promise that they would never have to go back to the ways of old. And so, the dark days of thin brittle had passed, and the people of the world rejoiced as they looked forward into a bright, chunky future.